Monday, February 1, 2010

We have a crawling baby!!!!

Our firstborn JJ never crawled, he went straight to walking, having cruised for months. We wondered if our little Eli would do the same. However for several weeks already, he has been showing signs that he is almost there-- almost about to take off! He had been lunging forward, scooting backward and getting around like that...until today. Going after the remote control, which always catches his attention, he took off going forward and started crawling!!! We are so proud of our "big little boy"! :) He's not a speed crawler quite yet, but I think I am thankful for that at the moment!


Edgar said...

Bravooooooooooo!!!! Ahora tendran que mantener el espacio libre, limpio y lindo. Felicitaciones. En cuanto a JJ el tiene su gracia, que camino sin necesidad de arrastrarse. En el kinder le pediran que gatee, a su tiempo lo hara. Soy orgulloso de mis dos nietitos.

Michele said...

Our nursery is going to be crazy (in a good way) with 2 mobile little ones now! Soon they'll all be running around!!