Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Resurrection Celebration with Visit from Abuelitos (finally!)

April was a busy month for us. We had the joy of having our family and other guests all throughout the month...and it all began with Easter weekend and the wonderful visit of JJ and Eli's Abuelitos, also known as Lito and Pika :)
Our weekend began with an Easter Egg Hunt at the church, which both our boys thoroughly enjoyed. Eli just playing with the plastic eggs and opening and closing them, and JJ by eating all the good stuff that was found inside! Josh had the privilege of sharing the Gospel to all the children that came to this event at our church. Here are some pictures and some videos of our kids at the hunt...

JJ did a good job searching for eggs and putting them in his basket, though at first he slowed down trying to open every egg and put every piece of candy in his mouth before continuing. I had to explain to him that he could have them "all" eventually and he just needed to keep hunting. :)

Here is a short video of Eli trying to grasp the idea that the eggs go in the bucket! :) Our sweet boy is growing and advancing in so many ways lately (he now places things neatly inside of a box or basket, stacks rings, etc.) Praise the Lord for that!

We shared the Easter story (one of our family favorites) from the Bible several times leading up to Resurrection Sunday, stressing to JJ in particular (who understands more) how Jesus had to come and die on the cross, but he rose again in victory! JJ has learned to say, every time he sees a cross, that "Jesus died on the cross for sin." And if you ask him if he stayed dead, he'll firmly say "no, he rose again!" Praise God for these words coming from our boy's mouth! One of his favorite songs during this season was the hymn-- "He arose...He arose....Hallelujah, Christ arose!" It is so sweet to hear his voice singing this throughout the day in our home.

Abuelitos arrived on Saturday and were able to celebrate the Resurrection with us at church and then with a potluck lunch at home with several other friends. Lito and Pika ended up staying until Thursday, which was such a nice long visit! The rest of the pictures are of their time with us, playing with their grandsons, going to the zoo, playing at the park, treating them to some ice cream and even teaching them some Ecuadorian geography! :) We love Lito and Pika!