Sunday, June 29, 2008

Casita de JJ

This is JJ's home. That's big brother jeremiah on the phone with one of his girlfriends!

Bath time!

JJ got a bath tonight and loved it! Here he is munching on his bath buddy 'el cangrejito'. That's 'the little crab' for you anglo saxons! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

That's our boy!

I love this picture of Jer holding JJ up in the air. Since the Son of God slain for the sins of the world loves diversity, then we should too. JJ is half Ecuadorian (latino) and half American (caucasian). He is being held by his "brother" Jeremiah who is african-american.

I also love this picture of JJ in the headband. He already loves balls. I can't wait to play him in ping pong.


I don't want to write much and take away from the picture. Here is my bride, my love, my best friend, Valeria. And here is squirm, my son, my other best friend, Joshua Jr. Notice JJ, he is always alert, observant, and eager. And also notice the cross in the background. Jesus, the King of all, died on a cross for us.

I'm a dad!

I still am not able to fully grasp that I am a father. On Wednesday, little Josh will be 6 months old. He is growing like a weed. His dirty diapers are getting much much worse day by day. He now eats rice and vegetables. And he makes me so happy.
I cannot believe I am a father.
I don't deserve this little guy. I don't deserve to have a beautiful smiling giggling kid who always looks for me, finds me in the room, stares at me and watches me very intensely, and can discern my voice from many. God has been too good to me in giving me little Josh. I love him so much. The other day I kept telling him that I don't want him to grow anymore because soon he will be so big he won't want or let me kiss him anymore. I love to kiss him...and tickle him, and wrestle with him, and throw him in the air just to see him light up. And I love to talk to him. The two of us go for walks. And when we do... we talk. I tell him all sorts of things. I tell him how much I love his mom and how thankful we are for her. I tell him how I cannot wait to teach him to play baseball and basketball and to teach him how to mow the yard. I tell him often about Jesus changed my life and can change his too. I love being with him. When I come home from work, it gives me the best feeling in the world. Its like he knows when I am arriving. I cannot wait until he can crawl or walk to greet me at the door.
I can't believe I am a dad.
I don't deserve this invaluable gift, but I accept it. I gladly, excitedly, and humbly accept it.
Oh dear God, please make me a good Dad to this boy! Thank you for him.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

What a Father!!!

I am blessed beyond words to have Josh as the father of my little baby! He is such an amazing father... I knew he would be years ago after seeing him interacting with all the kids at church, but now with our own little one, I see it 100 times more every moment of every day! I know Josh is humbled and overjoyed together with me that God has allowed us to come to the point of celebrating Father's Day in our own family. We realize what a precious gift from God it is to be parents and every Father's Day from here on out, our hearts will always be praising our good God! This month, as we have celebrated Father's Day, I have reflected a lot on what kind of a man God has given us in our home. He is truly not just a hard-working provider, but a very loving, involved man in each of our lives. I enjoy seeing him changing JJ's diapers, singing JJ to sleep, giving JJ a bath, taking JJ for a walk, playing with JJ...and even more, through everything that he does, he is faithfully teaching our son and instructing him in the way of the Lord. This is the type of man I had prayed for! JJ loves his daddy and it is so obvious, as he smiles so so big everytime Josh comes home or near him. I thank our Heavenly Father, whose grace at work in my husband makes all this possible. I pray that JJ would grow up admiring and imitating this man of God, who we love sooo much!

The above picture was taken on Father's Day at a club here in Fairdale where we had lunch after Josh got the opportunity to preach at church. The bottom video is a very short video of how happy daddy makes JJ when they play together. Enjoy!