Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Primer corte de pelo...JJ's first Haircut!!

It has been almost a month now, since JJ had his first haircut. With tio Andres and soon-to-be tia Kim (who has experience cutting hair) visiting us, we decided it was about time our little boy got a little trim. Josh and I both want to keep his hair fairly long, and after this first haircut, Josh is ready to now let it grow and grow...we'll see how long that lasts! JJ has always had a lot of hair (from birth) and it is already growing so fast! Here is a pre-haircut pic of little JJ. It was getting a bit out of control! :) Mama trying to explain what was about to happen...
JJ, "I think I can handle this..."
Just a cute shot of some chubby legs :)
Cartoons on TV worked for just a little bit...
Half-way there...
It really proved to be alot harder than we thought...we had to constantly think of something new and interesting to entertain him with...and still, he was fully aware that something was going on behind him and constantly trying to brush it off.
"Ya no mas!" Kim trying to console our little JJ and let him know that it wouldn't be much longer.
JJ believed her and stayed still for just a couple more seconds. :)
The last and oh so difficult part-- the front! JJ would not hold still, so Josh had to step in and hold his head...poor JJ!
It was all worth it, though. Here is our "guapito" (handsome little guy) with his new haircut! Gracias tia Kim!!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

One-Year Portraits

Our little boy is now 14-months, yet I have been meaning to post these pictures since he turned 1. Time flies by and I do apologize for not doing so earlier. Nevertheless, here is our little JJ... We are reminded daily of how quickly he is growing up! He still absolutely loves balls...any balls...and almost anything that's round and resembles a ball! If you show him a ball, pass or throw him a ball or start bouncing a ball, he immediately breaks into a big smile and tries to imitate. He recognizes and tries to say both english and spanish words for ball and one of his favorite games is to find the ball and take it to the hoop! Here are the portraits, courtesy of tio Andres! Let us know what you think.