Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eeeewy! :)

JJ started calling Eli what sounded like "E-i" at first, but it gradually evolved into what has stuck now for months and months- "Eeewy." It sounds so cute coming from JJ's mouth and we have all adopted the same name to call least for now! :) Eli is such a sweet, happy baby. He is becoming more and more mobile, crawling fast, pulling up, cruising...always following his big brother around the house. The picture above is what I find when I go get Eli in the mornings or after naptime. I took a picture just like this of JJ in his crib when he was about the same age. My boys' smiles make my day everyday!

Eli loves bathtime! Our boys have been taking a bath together for quite sometime now. Eli still just wants to drink the water and ends up with a cute bubbble goatee :)

Often, when JJ is in the bath with him and daddy is being silly playing with his boys, Eli gets an "uh-oh, help me!" kind of look...

...but it always turns into a smile!

Praise God for a house full of happy, fun boys!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Presentando a JJ cantando "Cristo Me Ama" ("Jesus Loves Me" in Spanish...featuring JJ!)

Le cantamos a JJ la cancion "Cristo Me Ama" cada noche antes de ponerle a dormir. Hace varias semanas, comenzaron a cantarla en ingles en su escuela dominical. Por un tiempo el la cantaba en Spanglish, diciendo, "Cristo me ama, this I know..." :) Ultimamente le he oido cantarla completamente en espaniol, solito, mientras juega por la casa. Este no es el mejor video, ya que JJ nota cuando saco la camara y no "coopera" :) Pero creo que si pueden oir casi toda la cancion. Se que los abuelitos en especial estaran orgullosos. Esperamos que muy pronto nuestra casa se llene de dos vocecitas cantando esta linda cancion acerca del amor de Jesus.

We sing "Jesus Love Me" in Spanish to JJ every night before bed. Several weeks ago, they started singing it in English, of course, in JJ's Sunday School class. For a while there, he was a little confused and sang the song in Spanglish, saying, "Cristo me ama, this I know, for the Bible tells me so..." :) Lately, we have heard him singing this song entirely in Spanish at random times, as he plays throughout the house. It is such a joy to hear these words coming out of our little boy's mouth! JJ knows when I bring out the camera to film, and he doesn't always cooperate with me, but I think you can hear his sweet voice singing this well-known song in this short video. We can't wait til our home is filled with two little voices singing out this song!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Brothers at Play

Seeing how our two boys gradually play with each other more and more just makes our days so much brighter! Now that Eli is crawling, they spend a good amount of time together playing in any room of the house. I hear JJ talking, Eli laughing and my heart fills with contentment at those sounds! God is so good in giving us two sweet boys and we pray that they will grow up loving each other, taking care of eachother, and having fun with eachother for the years to come. Here is a short video of our two boys busy at play in Eli's room...

Friday, February 12, 2010

Krispy Kreeeeme!!! :)

We don't live too close to a Krispy Kreme in Fairdale (this is a place where you get delicious hot doughnuts, for those who don't know) and since it has been on our minds these past couple of days, we decided to give our boys a special treat today for breakfast. All of their original doughnuts were heart-shaped for Valentine's Day. We got JJ a special doughnut covered in red and pink sprinkles. Eli did not get to have one, though daddy did give him a bit of the icing. :) (We know that Eli will have his fair share of doughnuts when he gets a little older!) Here is a video of our boys (primarily JJ) enjoying Krispy Kreme:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Meeting up with old dear friends and sisters!

Over the Christmas holiday, we were able to meet up with some wonderful friends and sisters in Christ, Joy and Tara. These two girls were in my wedding and got married the same year I did. They now have children as well, and it was such a joy to meet their little ones and have our kids interact for a little bit. I miss these girls so much, but thank God for them and their godly influence in my life! I can't wait til we meet again!

Peyton is Joy's oldest girl who is a little older than JJ. Too bad Raegan, Joy's youngest girl, was asleep so unable to be in our pictures.

Such a challenge to get the kids posing for a picture!

Eli did well in this shot, the two oldest were done! :)

Peyton is a pretty girl!

My brother, Andres, caught this candid shot of us visiting with Tara and her 1-year old boy, Stephen. JJ was too entranced with the snow and wanting to play with it that we barely caught his attention with some gadget for this quick second.

Tara and I with our babies

Baby Stephen has some beautiful blue eyes!

Thank you girls for making the effort to meet up with us! I love you and think of you all often!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


JJ got a soccer goal for Christmas from his tio Andres and tia Kim and he has so much fun with it! This video was from back around Christmas time when we had just put up the goal. He also learned a new word from tio- "golazo!" Eli also had fun with the goal...with abuelito's help. We are getting ready for the World Cup in the Greene home! We just can't wait!

Monday, February 1, 2010

We have a crawling baby!!!!

Our firstborn JJ never crawled, he went straight to walking, having cruised for months. We wondered if our little Eli would do the same. However for several weeks already, he has been showing signs that he is almost there-- almost about to take off! He had been lunging forward, scooting backward and getting around like that...until today. Going after the remote control, which always catches his attention, he took off going forward and started crawling!!! We are so proud of our "big little boy"! :) He's not a speed crawler quite yet, but I think I am thankful for that at the moment!