Saturday, February 27, 2010

Eeeewy! :)

JJ started calling Eli what sounded like "E-i" at first, but it gradually evolved into what has stuck now for months and months- "Eeewy." It sounds so cute coming from JJ's mouth and we have all adopted the same name to call least for now! :) Eli is such a sweet, happy baby. He is becoming more and more mobile, crawling fast, pulling up, cruising...always following his big brother around the house. The picture above is what I find when I go get Eli in the mornings or after naptime. I took a picture just like this of JJ in his crib when he was about the same age. My boys' smiles make my day everyday!

Eli loves bathtime! Our boys have been taking a bath together for quite sometime now. Eli still just wants to drink the water and ends up with a cute bubbble goatee :)

Often, when JJ is in the bath with him and daddy is being silly playing with his boys, Eli gets an "uh-oh, help me!" kind of look...

...but it always turns into a smile!

Praise God for a house full of happy, fun boys!!!


Michele said...


Russell just saw the pictures and said, "Aw. Eli cute in his pajamas!" :)

Edgar said...

Que bueno que mis nietos, JJ y Eli, hacen tu
Dia, mi hija, con sus sonrisas. Oro para que sigan sonriendo y asi haciendo el mundo mejor!