Monday, February 8, 2010

Meeting up with old dear friends and sisters!

Over the Christmas holiday, we were able to meet up with some wonderful friends and sisters in Christ, Joy and Tara. These two girls were in my wedding and got married the same year I did. They now have children as well, and it was such a joy to meet their little ones and have our kids interact for a little bit. I miss these girls so much, but thank God for them and their godly influence in my life! I can't wait til we meet again!

Peyton is Joy's oldest girl who is a little older than JJ. Too bad Raegan, Joy's youngest girl, was asleep so unable to be in our pictures.

Such a challenge to get the kids posing for a picture!

Eli did well in this shot, the two oldest were done! :)

Peyton is a pretty girl!

My brother, Andres, caught this candid shot of us visiting with Tara and her 1-year old boy, Stephen. JJ was too entranced with the snow and wanting to play with it that we barely caught his attention with some gadget for this quick second.

Tara and I with our babies

Baby Stephen has some beautiful blue eyes!

Thank you girls for making the effort to meet up with us! I love you and think of you all often!

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Stephen and Tara said...

Thanks for posting these! I love that picture you took of Stephen. Our first church service went well. I will write more about it on my blog later this week. God Bless!