Friday, February 12, 2010

Krispy Kreeeeme!!! :)

We don't live too close to a Krispy Kreme in Fairdale (this is a place where you get delicious hot doughnuts, for those who don't know) and since it has been on our minds these past couple of days, we decided to give our boys a special treat today for breakfast. All of their original doughnuts were heart-shaped for Valentine's Day. We got JJ a special doughnut covered in red and pink sprinkles. Eli did not get to have one, though daddy did give him a bit of the icing. :) (We know that Eli will have his fair share of doughnuts when he gets a little older!) Here is a video of our boys (primarily JJ) enjoying Krispy Kreme:

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Edgar said...

Que rico donut el de JJ; para comerlo tendre que ir a Kentucky, solo que como Josh tendre que tener mi propio donut y con cafe con leche