Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sacos de la Abuelita...Sweaters made by Abuelita

We were soooo excited to recieve these beautiful sweaters in the mail this past week! Abuelita worked hard to make her grandsons such comfy, soft, good-looking sweaters! JJ and Eli wore them proudly to church today and we had a little photo shoot outside since the weather was so nice. I find it so difficult to take a good picture of the boys together, so the only one I have is the one above of JJ giving his little brother a kiss (Eli had fallen and hurt his head a little while earlier). Gracias Pika for the sweaters which are sooo special and meaningful to us. It is like the boys are wearing your love! :) Te queremos, Pika!!!


Edgar said...

Que bueno que les quedaron bien! y que lindos estan los nietos. En verdad cada puntada fue hecha con mucho amor. Un besito para cada uno de la Abuelita "Pika"

Michele said...

I love these sweaters! I had nursery last week and had to take a close look at them because they are so well made! I'm impressed with the handiwork. :)