Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Grace, getting what I don't deserve.

Its 6:53 in the morning. I've been reading. These thoughts are beginning to happen regularly. I don't deserve all of this. My wife loves me so much and is so good to me. & I now have a son who smiles every single time I look at him, or even walk in the room. I don't deserve this. I know God is good to His children. But I believe He is too good to me. His Grace abounds! Oh, how I love Jesus!


James, Nikki & Liam Adair said...

I know how you feel, brother. I am overwhelmed daily by how good He is. I was thinking again this morning how big of a job it is to try and explain God's love to Liam. I am so unequipped, but humbled to trust that He will speak through me.

JJ is going to be a great man with parents like you and Val. I love checking your blog every day, it's a total treat for me to check up on y'all and see your beautiful baby!


Edgar said...

Mi corazon se llena de agradecimiento a Dios al oir que se aman mucho. Josuecito crecera feliz y sobre todo conocera a Dios por medio de uds y el amor que El mismo ha puesto en sus corazones. Les amo mucho,la Abuelita