Monday, November 3, 2008

So much FALL Fun!!!

We have been having a wonderful time so far during this fall season. It is absolutely beautiful outside and we continue to marvel at the beauty of our Creator, as we teach our little JJ, who loves the outdoors, that it is God who made all the gorgeous fall colors we see. These first 3 pictures are from our Homecoming service at our church. With Jeremiah now in college, Wednesdays and Sundays are happy days for us when we can all be together for a bit.Just a couple weekends ago, we joined a group of brothers and sisters from our church on a trip to Hubers Farm. It was such a fun...though very chilly day! JJ loved the petting zoo. The goats were especially friendly and were not afraid to get up close and personal. Daddy helped JJ pet and feed the animals, while mama took the pictures.JJ loves to stand now. He has not let go yet, but as long as he is holding on to something, he is happy as can be and walks around...or "cruises," as they call and with a huge smile on his face!Daddy is always wanting to let JJ try something new, while teaching him to be a brave little boy. Everyone was going down some tube-slides, when all of a sudden, Josh said he was going to let JJ go by himself. Woody was there to catch our little boy, and he zoomed down with a smile on his face as he was picked up...probably not knowing what just happened, but glad someone was there to catch him! :)Of course, we couldn't leave the pumpkin patch without picking out a special "first pumpkin" for JJ, which we took home to carve.Later on that week, we had a group of JJ's friends stop by to help carve and paint his pumpkins.Daddy showed JJ how to carve a jack-o-lantern...And then sat on the porch, waiting for trick or treaters.Here is JJ with his friends, Wilds and Levi, our pastors' children. The pumpkin painting didn't go all that well (JJ lost interest really quickly), but here is a video for you to see our little JJ getting paint all over himself...he even wanted to taste it! Hope you enjoy seeing our little boy, who is growing daily. God is so good and we thank Him for our little 10-month-old.


Edgar said...

Como crece!!! vengan pronto les extranio mucho. Estan lindas las fotos. la Abuelita

MELI said...

he is bigger!!!! i miss him and my primos too!!!!
i hope you guys are doing great! i love soooo much,
may God bless you..

Andres said...

his hair is almost as long as mine. let i t grow!!! he looks awesome! mi cabezon!