Saturday, November 1, 2008

Growing up fast!

This little boy will be 10 months old tomorrow (Nov.2). I cannot believe it. He is growing up so quickly. Let me just mention a couple things I love about my son.

1-He is impatient. Life's too short, lets do something.

2-He is not lazy and loves to be up and out and about. He's active. In this way, he is very much like his daddy and both grandfathers.

3-He is fun.

4-He loves to wrestle me. Ive already had a few busted lips and perhaps some cauliflower ear from JJ taking it to me.

5-He loves having God's Word read to Him. We have read it to Him everyday of His life and He is daily more interested in it.

6-He is tough. When he falls, I dont react. And he has learned to take it well.

7-He loves the ball. Any kind of ball. He's closer and closer to catching a pass from me.

8-He is not picky with food. He will eat any kind.

9-He loves the Youth at our church. Its amazing to me how he gets passed around like a doll from teen to teen and he just loves every bit of it.

10- And my favorite...He loves his momma! Even at 10 months, JJ has such a deep true committed love to his mother. This makes me so happy. I thank God for his mother.


Lonely Paul said...


Anonymous said...

He is getting so big so fast! Hope to see all of you soon. We love you!

Jason Fowler said...

JJ looks so old in this picture. :( I can't believe how fast our boys are growing up.

Edgar said...

Como crece!!! gracias a Dios por eso, pero queremos verle pronto y abrazarle y gozarnos con todos sus adelantos, le queremos muchisimo a este chiquitito!! la Abuelita