Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Days!

We have had several good snow days so far here in Fairdale this winter...and we love it! We always make cookies on snow days and if it's not too cold out, we go out to enjoy it a little. Sometimes the weather is a bit unbearable to enjoy the outdoors, and those days we just enjoy the beauty of the snow from the inside. Having not grown up even seeing snow, I personally have learned to do many things in the snow with my boys-- making snow angels, making snow cream, having a snowball fight and sledding. It has been a lot of fun! Enjoy these few pics...maybe more will come if we get hit again! :)

JJ absolutely loved the sled ride daddy took them on around our house! Eli enjoyed it too...even though his expression doesn't show it too well. In all his efforts to hold on, he did tell me he liked it and even wanted more-- I promise! :)

I think daddy got a good workout in the midst of our fun!

Daddy has a way of making even the simplest things sledding around our house with all the little "hills" in our backyard :) Next time we get a good snow, we hope to find a good hill to take our boys to, but they enjoyed this ride around our house very much! The sun setting made the landscape even more beautiful! Watch...

Mami had to join in the sledding fun, too! :)

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