Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Visit from Uncle Vinnie, Aunt Ginger and Cousins Patrick and Lilly

JJ and his cousins, Patrick and Lilly. He had so much fun playing with them, and he misses them already!
Sweet kiss to baby Lilly...getting practice at having a baby around! :)

Uncle Vinnie, Aunt Ginger and cousins Patrick and Lilly were with us to celebrate JJ's actual birthday on Friday, January 2nd. We decided to take the kids to celebrate at Chuck E Cheese...and we all ended up having a fun, competitive night! :) Here is the sweet birthday boy with his birthday balloon.

JJ and Lilly...soon they will be having so much fun together!

JJ's favorite food at Chuck E Cheese- cucumbers!

Fun with mama on the slide
Getting ready for blast-off...

Mama showing JJ how to "whac"!
Loving and holding on with Bob the Builder
Our little cowboy...such intense focus! :)

We were all so busy having fun, we didn't take many pictures...especially together...but the memories remain! Thanks for the visit uncle Vinnie, aunt Ginger and cousins Patrick and Lilly!

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