Tuesday, January 13, 2009

JJ is ONE!!!

"Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with shouts of joy...

The Lord has done great things for us; we are glad." Psalm 126:2,3

We are overwhelmed with humility and so much gratitude toward our good God for this special, special little boy He has entrusted to us. What a blessing it has been to enjoy a whole year laughing, crying, hugging, kissing, playing, talking, singing, praying, and loving on our little JJ. By the grace of God, he has hit the big 1-year mark, and we praise God for it. He has indeed done great things for us, as we look back on this journey from pregnancy to birth to now being one...and we are most definitely glad. We couldn't help but put together a little party with special friends and family (we did miss most of our family in North Carolina and New York) to praise God for what He has done in our family and in JJ by giving him life and health and growth. All praise be to God!

Just a couple, old-fashioned family pictures with the birthday boy. We didn't get as many smiles as usual out of JJ, probably because he was busy taking in all the commotion. :)

JJ's birthday cake, which I ventured to make on my own with the wonderful coaching of our sweet friend, Kristy! JJ had his own personal little turtle cake (below).

"Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday, sweet JJ...

happy birthday to you!"

We had a special prayer for our son, who we pray God will raise into a man of God, who will treasure Christ above all and give of himself completely to Him and the expansion of His Kingdom here on earth. Join us in praying for our little JJ that God would keep him and save him soon.

JJ, introduced to his cake and loving the candle above all! :)

He touched and made a little bit of a mess...but had more fun digging into it with his spoon

He sure did like the icing, though! We had been pretty good at keeping him from sweets up until this special moment...

"Ok, where are my Cheerios, now!" :)

Just about done with the cake, and ready to move on to the presents...

What a blessing to have so much love and generosity lavished on our little one from such special people...our family away from 'home.' We thank you all for the gifts for our little one, several of which were bilingual and great to be used in our bilingual home! He doesn't look too happy, but he really did love his Red Sox hat from uncle Woody...he wears it all the time now!

As JJ loves to cruise, he was sooo happy to get this little walker that helped him move on his own around his party! Thank you Stivers girls!
Limbo time...fun for the other kids, and JJ, with friend Russell, getting a taste of future parties :)

We could not have a party for our little boy without a pinata! Cousin Patrick was a strong hitter and that poor turtle went through a lot...

JJ and friends: cousin Patrick and baby Aiden, who will be turning one this month, too!

Protesting having to have his little birthday hat on...nothing to do with fun friend Cat. :)

JJ with sweet little Lainey. He can't wait to be playing with her, too!

Another buddy, Russell, who will also be turning one this same month.

Partying with Josh Wamble and daddy

Playing with our great friend and babysitter, Kristy.

JJ with uncle Woody

JJ and friend John...enjoying the view from up high

The sweet and oh so helpful Dobson family. You are truly a blessing from God in our little JJ's life.

Little Hannah Kate... "I don't think she wants to leave my party!" :)

Oh so happy to have Uncle Vinnie and Aunt Ginger celebrating with me!

God is good and we pray that He would be gracious to give our little JJ many more years of life and birthdays, according to His good plan. Our little baby is growing! Please keep him and his parents in your prayers.


Edgar said...

Que lindas fotos!!! que lindos recuerdos!!! que bendicion la vida de este chiquitico y le quiero taaaanto!!! la abuelita

Andres said...

cute pictures. he's crying cause he is a yankee's fan! :)