Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Big Brother Jeremiah and Mother's Day

We had an eventful Mother's Day weekend. After a busy day with a yard sale and car wash at the church (to raise money for Youth Summer Camp) on Saturday, Jeremiah had his senior prom. It was exciting for us to watch him get ready and see him off. Below you can see the handsome brothers in picture! :)
Sunday was a wonderful day, as it was my first Mother's Day- such a gift and special blessing from God! He is too good to me in allowing me to experience the great joy there is in being a mother. The actual day was not too pleasant. It was storming all day long. We had JJ in a cute outfit, but never got a chance to take any pictures, as they took me out to lunch and we hurried home, trying not to get too wet, and ready for naps. The last picture is of me with JJ about to have his bath before bedtime. There are plenty of sweet moments in motherhood and I treasure them all!
The middle picture is a family picture we took for our mothers (JJ's grandmothers). We love our mothers and appreciate them more and more over the years. We thank God for godly grandmothers for our son!

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Stephen and Tara said...

Those are great pictures!