Thursday, August 30, 2012

JJ's First Day of Preschool!

 Time truly flies by!  We are still in unbelief that our oldest little boy, JJ, has started Preschool!  This day seemed so far off in the future, and yet here it is now.  JJ was super excited about going to school, though he did wake up with some nerves on the actual day.
Here he is showing off his new backpack, which his tia Natalia thoughtfully got for him. :)

 The entrance to our boy's first school, and the beginning of his academic career!!!
 I must admit that I was just as nervous (if not more!) was a big day for me, too!
 Hard to smile with a bright morning was early for JJ.
 Here he is, about to enter his new classroom...still a little nervous...
 Yet as soon as he walked in and met his teacher, he went along with everything smoothly.  So thankful for Ms. Ritter!  She made this big day so special for our little boy.  Here she is introducing JJ to his cubby.

 This is a nice view of JJ's classroom.  We were thankful that JJ did so well fitting in, as Ms. Ritter showed him around.
 The door that welcomed JJ, with his own little owl, along with all of his new classmates and friends.
 They told us it would be best if we left quickly, but of course, I couldn't really leave, so I stayed behind the door and peered through a dark window :)
 Busy painting and making new friends.

 Concentrated at his turn to paint his big brown dog. (picture from his teacher, Ms. Ritter)
 A little proof that my boy was enjoying his first day!  (picture from his teacher, Ms. Ritter)
 JJ with his class, all his new buddies.  Preschool 2012 (picture from his teacher, Ms. Ritter)
 Back at home, showing and telling me all about his first day.
Nerves all gone and a big smile from my preschooler...ready for another adventure!  He is truly enjoying it!!

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