Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Our sweet little Noah is growing up quickly! He is definitely no longer our little baby who stays in our arms all the time. In the past couple months he has mastered the art of army crawling. :) He has gotten fast at this, and combined with his rolling skills, he can get anywhere now! We are adjusting again to the life of having a crawling baby in the house...the training is fully underway! His older brothers JJ and Eli love it and laugh and play with him all the time. Even as the youngest of 3 boys in our home, Noah definitely makes himself heard with his developing vocal skills, and his smile and laugh make everyone around him smile and laugh too! The Greene home would not be the same without this little bright blue-eyed boy!

Here are 3 videos of our Noah. The first is his sweet little laugh that is so contagious. The second is so you can see our army crawling baby, and the third is a fun one of Noah splashing in his bath. I think he is getting too big for that tub. We don't usually let our boys splash like crazy in the bath, but this was too cute and too funny that we let it slide this time. :)

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