Friday, June 4, 2010

a big step toward growing up

Today on our Family Day Friday, Valeria and I took the boys to Bass Pro Shops to pick out their first fishing pole. All of us were so excited.

Tomorrow our church is having a picnic out by the lake and everyone is going to be fishing. In order for JJ & Eli to be true boys and become real men, they must learn to fish.

JJ chose the rod & reel for them. He chose the Cars Lightning McQueen fishing pole. It is made by Shakespeare and the man said it would be great for us to begin with. So we got it.

JJ & Eli are going to share it until the two of them know how to fish well enough on their own.

They are both under two & a half years old, but #3 is coming soon. So they need to grow up. Although Valeria and I do not like to see them growing up so quickly, this outing today was evidence that we cannot stop it. They have a fishing pole now, and they are growing up.

Valeria and I have one desire as they grow up... that they would be young men who fear and love Jesus. Help us pray for that.

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